Project Description

Windsor Exterior Staircase

Project Details

For the exterior metalwork of this Colorado residence, we provided the client with a set of sweeping steel stairs, guard rail for the deck, and railing for the stairs. The railings were hand forged from solid steel, with each piece being made from scratch. The design and details were chosen by the project architect, designer, and client from samples that we provided. After forging and assembling components, the pieces were sent off to be hot-dip galvanized. This provides a long lasting outdoor finish. To get rid of the industrial look of galvanized steel, we applied a black patina and buffed it back to reveal the natural beauty of the texture left on the steel by our hammers.

How it’s Made

This project provided a unique set of challenges for our shop. Due to the complexity of the stair rail, we had to build it on site. Once it was assembled in the field, we cut it down into manageable sections and brought it back to the shop for final welding and finishing. While we had it in the shop, the stone masons were able to install the sandstone treads. When they were finished, we brought the completed sections back for the final install.

With the railing weighing in at approximately 80 pounds per foot, the long sections posed certain handling problems. We used a crane to get them from the yard to the deck.

In addition to the stairs and railing sections we built for the Windsor family, we also built stair and balcony railing sections for the interior of their home, as well as textured copper panels that went into the bar in the entertainment room.