Project Description

hand forged stair railing

Project Details

For this project, Enyart Forge worked directly with homeowners Bill and Jean Gathmann to develop a vision and bring it into existence. On our first visit to their Colorado mountain home, we sat down at the kitchen table with a sketch pad and started sharing ideas. One good idea led to another, and on our next visit we chose a sample and moved forward with the build. Each hand forged piece interacts with the next, giving the railing an organic aesthetic that fits in nicely with its Rocky Mountain surroundings. Every other vertical piece passes through a drifted hole without touching it, as it is held in place by its neighboring components. A light texture and dark patina add depth and interest to this piece.

How it’s Made

Each of the four sections of railing we made for this project required a custom set of tooling to create components of the correct dimension. We produced full scale drawings to work off of, and each piece we made was carefully textured and hot-formed to the custom jigs, and then double checked against the drawings. Every weld was made with a TIG machine, so that the welds would blend seamlessly into the work and would not detract from the natural beauty of the steel.