Project Description

French Chateau Copper Roof Vaults

Project Details

These roof vaults serve the purpose of keeping people out of the weather while going between the garage and the house. The brackets used to mount these structures to the house (as well as the sub structure of the vaults themselves) are all made of solid bronze. The copper sheet metal that forms the roof of the structure is joined with a standing seam. This not only keeps the vaults water-tight, but adds an architectural detail. Patina work on the bronze frame helps it blend into its environment, while the copper is left raw to weather along with other copper elements used on the build.


In addition to the roof vaults we built for this home, we also designed and fabricated a custom zinc range hood, a hand-forged pot rack, guard rails for the upstairs and downstairs, custom connection plates throughout the interior, and exterior railing sections for the back patio and the guest bedroom balcony.