Project Description

assembling the steel frame for the outdoor kitchen hood

Project Details

This project is the first in a series of three different hoods for the Doubloon property in La Veta, Colorado. We worked directly with the homeowners to develop samples and drawings until what we were showing them matched their vision. This piece is installed over the kitchen of  their outdoor living area and was designed to collect fumes from the Peruvian and traditional gas grills we also built.

How it’s Made

This project took place in two phases.

Phase one involved fabricating and installing a large flue. We built this flue out of 1/8″ mild steel, and used a forklift with an extending boom to raise it up into place.

Phase two involved building custom tooling for the power hammer to produce the wood-grain texture that we applied to all of the steel. After riveting together the exposed structural frame, we jump started the natural rusting with a special patina blend. Once this was complete we applied texture and patina to the copper panels that completed the hood. Installation was easy with the help of a material lift.

Along with the kitchen hood we built for the patio, we also built timber connection plates, a Peruvian grill, a custom range hood for the kitchen, fireplace doors for the guest room, chimney caps, and heavy duty steel gates for the main entrance.