Each member of the team is a master craftsman, driven by the goal of perfection.



Billy began his career in Austin, Texas. Graduating with honors from Austin Community College, he earned a degree in Code Welding Technology. While attending school, he discovered his passion for the art of forging while taking multiple blacksmithing classes. After graduation, he spent five years in the racing industry building roll cages, exhaust and intake systems, and honing his skills and knowledge in an environment where precision is critical. After moving to Colorado with his wife Valerie, he decided to start a business that would allow him to pursue his passion for designing, creating, and forging. Enyart Forge was started in April of 2013, and has been growing steadily since.

Billy’s efforts are supported by his lovely wife, Valerie, and their beautiful daughters, Sky and Rio.



Corey Nesbitt is our Shop Foreman. He started his welding career at the College of San Mateo, completing their two-year welding program. Following that he worked for the high-end fabrication company Fable, Inc. in San Carlos, CA for 11 years. Next he was shop foreman at Blank & Cables in Oakland, CA. A chance to focus more on the blacksmithing trade brought him to Colorado and eventually Enyart Forge & Fabrication. Corey’s 19 years of welding and shop experience have given him a serious appreciation for hand-crafted and high-quality metal fabrication.



Fabricator Casey Crane started his career as an apprentice welder/millwright during his enlistment in the US Army. After nearly a decade in the trade he’s done everything from making body armor to pipeline welding and exotic metal fabrication. He has a deep love for metalworking, and precision craftsmanship and often finds meditation in the entire process. “From stock steel to final product, it feels good to create something that people can – and hopefully will – enjoy long after I’m gone.”